Sitting at your desk all day is lame.

So I made a map of interesting places within a 10 minute walk from the Wieden + Kennedy NY office.

Mostly art things, some other things.
Things ranging from a monumental Picasso
to a room of dirt.

I highly recommend the room of dirt.
And the inside is a reversible sign to inform co-workers you've decided to stop languishing at your desk. hover!
Scanning the QR code takes you to a Google map I made of the locations, with color commentary.
The full layout for print, front and back:
Ealry logo sketches
Before I got to InDesign went through rounds of sketches, and did many layout versions on folded up paper to figure out what needed to go where, and how I wanted it to fold. 
A bunch got printed for the office to be at the front desk and to be included in onboarding materials for new employees.

Plus I learned a few things like how to get a rich gray to print in CMYK.
This idea really sprang out of a post-pandemic clarity:

I liked working in person again, but that two-year period of working from home had blown my patience for just "being" at the office. The feeling of sitting at my desk all day felt intolerable in a way I didn't remember it being before.

I found myself taking walks and short excursions to nearby galleries when I didn't have something to work on or had 30 minutes between meetings. Eventually I had a Google map full of places to go for myself. Then I turned it into something for everyone. 

So, you wanna ditch?