There is a lamp on my desk at work. 
I got it at a thrift store on Long Island for $4.99

It garners a lot of compliments.

And when I need to tell someone where I sit, I say "the one with the yellow lamp."

For laughs, I designed myself a very official letterhead with my desk-defining lamp on it and got notepads printed.

Then I thought it'd be great if everyone in the office could write silly notes to each other on their own official letterheads.

So I let co-workers sign up, and designed them one I thought suited them.
Some people had special requests (when someone asks for a "smelly feet" theme, I say absolutely) But for the most part, people said "surprise me."

I tried my best to use what I knew about each co-worker, or draw from real items I saw on their desks.

I had a lot of fun with it and hopefully so did everyone else at our office who received them - in two instances someone even wanted two designs.
If I replaced even one Slack with someone's handwritten note, my mission here is done.