The “I voted” sticker is a badge of honor. But one you throw away.

 We wanted to put more skin in the game.

So we worked with Gold Bond to commission ten tattoo artists across the country to design “I voted” tattoos ahead of the 2020 election as an extension of their "Champion Your Skin" campaign.

Rachel Hauer
Brooklyn, NY


Squishy Eyes

Nashville, TN

Laura Guzman
Las Vegas, NV

Debbie Snax
Atlanta, GA

June Jung
Los Angeles, CA

Matthew Limbers
Detroit, MI

Jimmy Blu
Cleveland, OH

Patrick Cat
Salt Lake City, UT

Maria Avecedo
Miami, FL

Bobby Mack
Houston, TX

The entire project came together from idea to execution about two weeks before the election with myself and a strategist finding and contacting the artists ourselves.
CD: Todd Condie 
ECDs: Terri Meyer & Sandy Greenberg