The holiday season is filled with familiar sights: 
Tree-lightings in town squares, chestnuts at the local market, and thousands of drunks cosplaying as Jolly Ole St. Nick. 
Yes, the infamous SantaCon. an annual tradition where people dressed in Santa Claus costumes gather for a bar crawl.
What if we could hold thousands of these so-called Santas to a higher bar, and make them back up their fake beards with true Santa-worthy actions?
We'd intersect our would-be Santas where they are: at bars across the city, with pre-distribute coasters. The coasters would be printed with a simple call to action:

"Act a little more like the real deal. Venmo @SackUpSanta and all donations will go to gifts for kids in need this Holiday season.

Now go have another Jäger Bomb, you deserve it."

SantaCon's reputation gets a boost and more kids get more toys - it's a win win for all.
Look, it pains me to tell you this never got executed, despite me getting the full buy-in from the agency I was at at the time (they even bought the domain for me!).

I ended up taking a different job and moving cross country, and the Santas of Santa-Con have yet to be held accountable. But next year, you better watch out...